Left Handed Instruments

Left Handed Instruments

Left hand scissors and needle holders allow left-handed people:

  • To be as precise as right-handed users, especially in delicate applications when results are critical.
  • To use natural actions without a second thought.
  • To use instruments with smooth, even action.
  • To have the maximum control of their instruments.

Up to 10% of the world's population is left-handed, yet most instruments are built for right-handed people. Instruments like scissors, needle holders and other instruments with a ratchet action require a lateral movement for use. For right-handers the action is natural. In the case of needle holders with a ratchet closure, the right-hander uses the right thumb to push the upper blade out and away, disengaging it. The same instrument held in a left hand requires the user to pull the top blade in an unnatural action in order to disengage it. The awkward nature of the movement can make it less fluid.

  • Left Handed Needle Holders : Needle holders, also known as needle forceps or needle drivers, are used in suturing during a surgical procedure. Below are our Left Needle holders line of needle holders. 
  • Left Handed Scissors : These scissors can be used left handed.