Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

Nikon has a diverse camera and controller lineup, enabling researchers to configure a microscope imaging system that’s ideal for their specimens and applications.

DS 1000

The new Digital Sight 1000 is an economical color camera solution that can directly display high-definition microscope images on a full HD display without the need for a PC. As with the DS-Fi3 and DS-Ri2 cameras, the Digital Sight 1000 can also be connected to a tablet PC to save space and simplify operation.

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DS Fi3

DS-Fi3 is a high-definition color microscope camera equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed data readout, superior color reproduction and high quantum efficiency are optimal for imaging in various observations, such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence observation.

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DS Qi2

Equipped with a Nikon digital SLR camera FX-format CMOS sensor optimized for microscopy, the DS-Qi2 is an ultra-high quality 16.25 megapixel monochrome camera that features high pixel density, high sensitivity and low noise. The DS-Qi2 is an excellent choice for applications in quantitative fluorescence imaging.

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DS 10

The Nikon FX format CMOS image sensor enables instantaneous capture of images in high definition. Digital Sight 10 allows the unprecedented high resolution of 6K and switching color and monochrome capture with a single camera. This high-performance model also features a high frame rate for fast focusing on high-definition images.

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