Novel Microscopy & Imaging Techniques

Labindia Instruments

At Nano Bio Process Division (NBP), we have been always striving to help our esteemed customers in their research by bringing new advanced and innovative characterization techniques. As optical Microscope is the basic research instruments in any type of Research Lab, one of our idea was to hyphenate microscopy with different other technologies to make systems compatible for cutting edge research.

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Determining Kinematic Viscosity of Fuels and Lubricants

Karandeep Singh, Raj Shah, Nathan Aragon

Kinematic viscosity is of primary importance in the design and selection of a wide range of petroleum products.

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How Are Greases Selected in Real Industrial Applications?

Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company

Grease selection is always a very important topic to consider for industrial applications because ensuring use of the proper grease can increase equipment efficiency and lifetime and reduce wear. Not all greases are formulated the same and some are much better than others for certain specific applications. This article will explain the most important criteria for grease selection and will give insight into which major applications will require which type of grease or grease performance characteristics.

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