Bio-Rad, USA

Bio-Rad, USA

Bio-Rad is a key player in the field of Industrial and Veterinary diagnostics & has developed innovative solutions in agri-food, water and wine, environmental and veterinary fields.

Bio-Rad offers wide range of products for following sectors :

Food Safety Testing
  • Chromogenic Media
  • Serological Testing
  • Standard Media
  • Food PCR Testing Kits
  • iQ-Check® PCR Automation

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TSE Testing

Bio-Rad has been supporting TSE testing labs since the beginning of the BSE crisis. The TeSeE PrP171 screen test is used for rapid selection of the most prion-resistant animals for prevention of prion-associated diseases, including BSE and scrapie.

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Veterinary Diagnostics

Platelia Rabies II is an easy, safe and quick ELISA test for the titration of anti-rabies antibodies in plasma and serum. With Platelia Rabies II, rabies laboratories now have a safe and convenient tool for serology.

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Water Quality Testing

Bio-Rad CheckN'SafeTM Kits are designed for use with the XplOrer64 Automated Water Quality Testing System for the detection and enumeration of enteric bacteria in water.

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Wine Quality Testing

Bio-Rad's enological diagnostics include rapid wine quality testing methods - fast and sensitive PCR tests to monitor wine for spoilage yeasts such as Brettanomyces and Zygosaccharomyces and an immunoassay to detect the presence of unstable proteins.

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Zoonosis Monitoring

Bio-Rad offers high-performance test kits for major zoonotic agents in swine, including Trichinella, Toxoplasma and Salmonella.

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