EZ Anesthesia is the system of choice for anesthetizing small animals, and it comes with a variety of choices. Animals to be anesthetized are placed in the acrylic induction chamber and the system delivers a precisely blended mixture of oxygen and isoflurane. An activated charcoal air filter canister at the top of the chamber releases safe, filtered air back into the room. A water-heated cage warmer or warming plate (ATC2000) is used to retain the animal body temperature while in the induction chamber. After the initial anesthetizing, the animal can be moved to the heated surgical water bed and positioned properly in the snugly fitted nosecone. A highly sensitive valve regulated by the animal?s breathing works with the nosecone to ensure non-rebreathing efficiency, and allow safe anesthesia for up to several hours. The breathing device also includes an air filter that releases safe, filtered air back into the room.

  • Anesthesia Systems :
    Here are the complete systems available for small animal anesthesia. We offer the basic system, a fixed flow isoflurane system and a classic system.
  • Breathing Devices :
    Find the EZ Systems rebreathers, breathing blocks and non-rebreathing units here for use with your small animal anesthesia systems.
  • Euthanization :
    EZ Systems offers a unique induction system for anesthetizing or euthanizing small animals. Get the lids and gaskets for the induction chambers here.
  • EZ Connectors :
    These connectors and hoses needed with the EZ Systems isoflurane anesthesia systems.
  • EZ Oxygen :
    Here are the accessories needed for the oxygen in your EZ Systems isoflurage anesthesia.
  • Gas Masks :
    These rodent isoflurane face mask kits are available with four different sized face masks to fit mice and rats. The unique swivel mounts let you position the supply and return hoses where you need them. Almost no leakage from these face masks.
  • Gas Evacuation :
    Long term exposure to excessive anesthetic gas can be toxic to personnel. Using properly fitted face masks on the subject greatly limits this exposure. Gas evacuation is also critical. When used properly, the EZ Anesthesia evacuation products and techniques effectively reduces gas escape to less than 2 PPM, as recommended by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).
  • Induction Chambers :
    Induction chambers offer an easy method for anesthetizing small animals and rodents in a research laboratory. These units are designed with sure seal lids and may be connected directly to the bio-evacuation system to prevent laboratory personnel from unnecessary exposure to the anesthesia.
  • Surgical Beds :
    Circulating hot water heats these stainless steel beds to maintain a small animal's body temperature during a research laboratory procedure.
  • Vaporizers :
    The vaporizer is a precision instrument that blends incoming oxygen with liquid isoflurane and outputs anesthetic gas at the set oxygen to isoflurane ratio.
  • Workstations :
    Two mobile workstations, constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel with locking casters, integrate all your EZ-Anesthesia components into one portable unit.

Features :
  • Integrated turnkey solution for small animal anesthesia
  • Safe for surgical personnel, 90% below OSHA Isoflurane limit
  • Designed by veterinarians
  • Compact and portable
  • Time efficient and cost effective
  • Virtually stress-free for the animals
  • Easy to setup and use, simplifying the training of new staff and reducing the threat of human error
  • Speedy recovery time

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