Analgesia testing is a growing field. Before new pain killing pharmaceuticals are brought to market, they must undergo a host of efficacy studies involving some form of analgesiometry prior to any clinical trials. The standard nociceptive threshold testing for preclinical trials involve mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli with mice and rats. WPI offers a variety of such equipment.

  • Analgesia Combo Kits :
    We offer a variety of small animal analgesia testing systems. Multiple systems are bundled together here at discounted prices. Individual analgesia systems are also available.
  • Electronic von Frey :
    The Electronic von Frey meters are used to assess mechanical allodynia, which is a painful response to a light touch or pressure from a stimulus that is not normally painful.
  • Plantar Test :
    The Plantar Test units are designed for testing narcotics and strong non-narcotic analgesics. We also offer combination kits which include Plantar Tests and Tail Flick Meters.
  • Other Analgesia :
    Here are some other analgesia testing systems, including a hot/cold plate, paw pressure meters, plethysmometer (paw volume) meters, incapaciatance meters, grip strength meters and accessories.